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Easily fits into any home or school schedule

The Movement Program’s enjoyable, video based activities are completed online on any internet connected device; iOS or Android mobile phone, tablet, PC or Mac.

Many parents, like you, ask themselves how they can help their child be the best that they can be in school and life. And no, the answer is not more homework! 

The answer is The Movement Program (TMP). TMP engages students in a research-based 12-week movement program proven to improve reading, academic performance, and English results.

TMP is simple to use with all the exercises shown on screen - simply click play, and begin!  With a wide variety of fun movement activities each day, TMP becomes progressively more challenging through the weeks developing strong visual, auditory, rhythm and motor skills.

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Reading is a skill that needs practice. However, many students have not developed the basic sensory processing, timing and attention levels to be able to decode words, scan the page to read or be able to concentrate. 

The Movement Program offers a unique way to help develop the underpinning skills for reading and attention that cannot be achieved by simply undertaking extra reading. 


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