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Meet the Creators of the Tuner Pro

For years, both of us have lived with chronic neck problems and other health issues. It seemed no matter what we did, nothing helped. Sharik (a licensed physical therapist and counselor) searched for natural ways to heal the body. He began doing more research into various therapies and just couldn't find the results he was seeking.

His research led to a study of IASTM, Gua Sha, acupressure, taping, and vibration and their impact on the body and mind. One night, Sharik awoke with a distinct impression that vibration can be used to aid in healing the human nervous system.
He then threw himself into searching for the perfect tool that would target the areas of chronic pain and muscles that hold on to stress and tension. Sharik simply could not find the right tool to help people in the way that he knew they could be helped.
He could not find the right tool, so Sharik decided to create it. The first version of the Rezzimax Tuner, a handheld device that uses vibration to fine-tune your nervous system, was a great start to help thousands of people. Soon, feedback came pouring in from people suffering from conditions like TMJ, stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD, and more. Using the device for just a few minutes a day was helping to drastically reduce chronic pain for many people.
That was just not good enough. We knew that if we could perfect the Tuner, we could help so many more individuals learn to live our motto: "Tune Out Pain. Tune Into Life." After 9 years of trials and error, we have finally been able to perfect the device into what we offer you today. Life isn't meant to be constantly painful; it's meant to be enjoyed! We hope using this device will help you learn to handle stress, manage inflammation, and develop a stronger, more resilient you.
With Love,
Cheryl & Sharik Peck


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